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Digital transformation – cost
and emissions optimisation


Energy transition and decarbonisation


Safety and security
- network and cybersecurity

Your individual score is based on your progress implementing sustainability solutions and strategies and the potential impact they can have in digitally transforming organizations in terms of emissions reduction, accelerating energy transition, decarbonization, and bolstering network and cybersecurity. Our roadmap recommends the quick wins, mid-term goals and longer term opportunities based on your progress and industry.

CONGRATULATIONS: Your organisation has made taken significant steps and can improve further. There are some essential solutions and strategic indicators that could help guide your journey to sustainability.

CONGRATULATIONS: Your organisation is on the right path, and could do even greater impact. There are some essential strategic considerations and tactical solutions that could greatly accelerate your journey to sustainability.

CONGRATULATIONS, your organisation is a leader in sustainability. Check out your personalised roadmap for additional solutions and long-term strategic considerations for your sustainability journey.


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